Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

High-end digital solutions for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry

In an era of digitalisation, automation, and connectivity (Industry 4.0), the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry (AEC) is moving towards the implementation of smart industry solutions. Connected and intelligent systems, sensors, software applications as well as artificial intelligence will enable the AEC industry to increase sustainability, efficiency, complexity, safety, and quality. To stimulate the development and implementation of high-end Industry 4.0 solutions for the AEC industry, Witteveen+Bos intends to establish a Centre of Excellence of 3D-Concrete Printing in Singapore.

The Centre of Excellence is a collaborative centre for the implementation of 3D-concrete printing technologies. It will focus on training, demonstrations, pilot projects, and showcases. Also, consultancy-related services can be found here, such as feasibility studies to support your business in adopting 3D-concrete printing projects.

What Do We Offer


We help you to embrace 3D concrete printing technology

Design and Engineering

We deliver the best design and engineering services by our experienced specialist

Technology Development

We develop related technologies and solutions for all needs

Support in implementation

We provide tours, workshops, and courses to introduce 3D concrete printing technology.

3D Concrete Printing Services

Together we realise your proof of concept, demonstration, and pilot projects


Witteveen+Bos is looking for partners who have a common goal to implement 3D-concrete printing to help digitise and automate the AEC industry. Together, we will work on realising the common goal to increase the sustainability, efficiency, complexity, safety, and quality of the AEC industry.


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