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+ Integrated Building Information System

This project is a 3-year research and development project to develop a data-driven smart construction system. The project is a collaboration of Nanyang Technological University and Witteveen+Bos and is assigned by the lead agency Housing Development Board.

This goal of the project is to leverage the power of Big Data, data analytics and smart technology, in order to boost construction productivity and safety. The Smart Integrated Construction System comprises three modules; Smart Crane System (SCS), Integrated Building Information System (IBIS) and Smart Tracking System (STS).

Witteveen+Bos is responsible for the development of IBIS, the data-driven core of the system. IBIS is an integrated centralised system for intelligently and efficiently collecting, structuring and sharing all information relating to a construction project. This includes, for instance, three-dimensional Building Information Models, documentation, information for contract management, and updates on progress. One of the objectives of IBIS is to make the information available in such a way that tower cranes can operate autonomously on building site. It also serves as a collaborative workspace. Using three-dimensional modelling of HDB projects as a common platform, industry partners in the entire construction supply chain can log in real-time information and progress updates on the project from their dispersed locations. This streamlines information and speeds up data-sharing amongst the different partners, including architects, contractors, precasters and construction material suppliers, enabling them to better keep track of budgets and timelines.