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+ Construction Productivity Center

Although digital design and digital engineering have impacted the design phase of projects greatly, for example by using BIM, the industry has not been able to utilize new technologies on site. Most of the activities performed on a construction site today have not changed for decades. Because of this, the productivity in the construction industry has not been increased by digitalization like other industries. According to McKinsey productivity can be increased by 60% in the construction industry by digitalization.

To improve construction productivity, robots and machines have to be connected to digital twins.

Witteveen+Bos started the Construction Productivity Center in The Netherlands in partnership with ABB and De Gasfabriek.
Witteveen+Bos is one of the leading engineering and consultancy firms in The Netherlands and the frontrunner in digital construction with many projects on 3D Printing. ABB is the leading company in digital technologies for industry. Business innovation center De Gasfabriek works with startups on new technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

The Construction Productivity Center works on developing applications for robots in the construction industry together with companies active in this industry. In close collaboration with contractors, suppliers and others we use our knowledge to digitalize their problems. We believe in an agile approach to make small steps based on the latest insights.

If you want to join or learn more about the Construction Productivity Center, please contact Marijn Bruurs ( / +31 (0)6 86 82 96 56) or visit us at Zutphenseweg 6B, 7418 AJ, Deventer.

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