Software solutions

+ Software for 3D-Concrete Printing

Witteveen+Bos develops custom made 3D-Concrete Printing software solutions. Many 3D-concrete printing software solutions are only suitable for one type of robotic system, or are too generic and therefore too complex to use. Therefore, we develop custom software solutions that meets your needs and activities. Making your design-to-fabrication workflow as efficient and easy as possible, is our goal.

Our solutions provide a seamless workflow from design to fabrication with full flexibilities and adaptabilities in a user-friendly matter. It consists of custom built-in components that facilitate the planning and execution of the robotic fabrication process embedded in a parametric design environment.

Our software is able to generated robot codes that can be loaded directly on robot controllers, such as G-Code for Siemens SinumerikRapid code for ABB robotic arm, KUKA robot language for KUKA robotic arm.

We have developed customized 3D-Concrete Printing software solutions for several clients worldwide, including:

  • Besix 3D (Dubai)
  • Housing and Development Board (Singapore)
  • Siam Cement Group (Thailand)
  • Dubox (Dubai)